06 March 2016

2013 Press Pass Total Memorabilia Gold Danica Patrick

When there is racing going on I like to post new racing cards if I have them. I probably won't be watching today's Kobalt 400 in Las Vegas because it's a working weekend for me, but I'll at least check in on the standings a couple of times during the day.

Here is a card I picked up from eBay. Sometimes it seems like there aren't any reasonably-priced Danica Patrick cards out there, and at other times it seems like I run into a nice run of cards in my price range. I've picked up a couple of decent Patrick cards lately, including this Gold parallel from 2013 Press Pass Total Memorabilia. This one is numbered # 098 / 275. There's a lot of green on this card, but that won't be the case on future Danica cards, as GoDaddy dropped out as one of her sponsors and got replaced by Nature's Bakery and a light blue color scheme.

So far this year she hasn't had a great run. She wrecked out of the Daytona 500 and finished in 35th place after earning a pretty good starting position of 16th. In the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 she qualified in 25th and managed to gain five spots over the course of the race for a finish in 20th place. This week she will be starting out in 18th place, so we'll see what she can do with that. 

Panini wound up getting the NASCAR license, which from my perspective isn't the greatest outcome, but it will be nice to see some new NASCAR cardboard on the market. Hopefully they can at least approach the standard that Press Pass set. Prizm is reported to be the first set out of the gate, but I don't think a release date has been set.

This card wasn't a spectacular addition to my collection, but at this point I am pretty happy just to have something new to add. Here's hoping my favorite drivers do well in the race today.


  1. Fingers crossed on Panini; but, they're definitely better than nothing at all. It'd be really nice to see Danica break out this year - the sport needs it!

    1. Yeah, I don't know if this will be Danica's year. She seems to be picking up right about where she left off last year. There's still plenty of racing to be done, though, so maybe she'll gather some steam by the end.

      It will be nice to have some new blood in the NASCAR trading card world. I'm getting a little tired of seeing the same old sets on my eBay feed.