13 March 2016

A Green Race Car on a Green Parallel Card

I considered watching today's Good Sam 500 NASCAR race on television, but I never got around to turning it on. That's all right, though, as I tracked the race leader board online while doing other stuff. Danica Patrick started in 36th place, but managed to work her way up to 19th by the end. That's still not an amazing finish, but at least it's a Top 20 result. She moved up two spots in the driver standings to 24th for the season. That's well short of Chase contention, but there is plenty of racing left.

Here's a nice Danica card I managed to pick up recently. It's a 2013 Press Pass Showcase Showroom insert. Showcase is one of the nicer sets that Press Pass put out, and this acetate insert card is a good example of the fun stuff you could find in the product. Danica herself isn't shown on this card, as her car is the star of the show. This is the Green parallel of the card, and it is serially-numbered # 05 / 25.


  1. Love the car cards. It's unfortunate that Press Pass never really grasped that cars should be shown in a NASCAR set until right near the very end; but when they did produce them like this set, the cards were great. I love the green foil, too!

    1. The cars are an extremely important part of NASCAR's draw. My kids don't care about the drivers, but they love to see the McDonald's car and the Target car and the M&M's car racing around the track. I like seeing the different paint schemes and sponsors that different drivers align with. I hope that Panini remembers to include the cars in their sets.

    2. Oh, and the haulers and the pit crew. I like to see that stuff on cards, too.