18 March 2016

Rainbow in the Dark 35: Some More 2015 Singletons

I've picked up a large number of Jon Singleton's 2015 Topps parallels, to the point where I am pretty much admitting to chasing the rainbow of the card. I don't have the 1 / 1 stuff, but I have nearly everything else including the stuff from the mini and 5x7 sets. Some of the cards I was missing, however, were the serially-numbered parallels in the middle tiers (Snow Camo, Pink, and Black). This past week I was able to knock two of those off the list.

This is the Snow Camo parallel. I honestly don't have much to say about it. Singleton is currently battling for a spot on the Astros roster, but I think he might wind up back in AAA. He's one of those Quad-A guys who seems to really pour it on when he's on the AAA club, but can't buy a hit at the major league level. I keep hoping that he will figure it out, but I wonder how long his leash is with all the depth the team has at the moment. This parallel is # 34 / 99.

And here is the Black parallel. I picked them both up on eBay. There have been a few Buy It Now listings that pop up for these cards, but those crazy folks have been wanting $10-20 for these things. I am a player collector, but I'm not 100% dumb. These ones popped up for a few dollars each after shipping and I got them. The Black parallel isn't perfect. It's got a fair bit of white chipping around the border. I'm calling it good enough for my collection. It's numbered # 52 / 64. The Pink parallel still eludes me, but I'll either track it down someday or I won't.

The new Out of the Park 17 game came out today for people who pre-ordered it. I downloaded it and gave it a whirl. I like it pretty well so far, but I am still having difficulty getting used to the interface, which seems to have changed a lot more from 16 to 17 than it did from 15 to 16. I played through the 2016 season with the Astros. I traded for Adrian Gonzalez much too easily and when he started sucking the Diamondbacks gave up Paul Goldschmidt much too easily. With all those first basemen around I eventually traded Jon Singleton away for a relief pitcher, since I had some pitchers get injured. Pretty bad when you don't even keep your own PC guys around in a video game. It was pretty fun, but when I tried to start the playoffs the game crashed and I lost my whole season since I forgot to set up the auto-save feature. Maybe I'll try again another day.

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