29 March 2016

2011 Leaf National Hulk Hogan Promo Card

Apparently there is a big WWE event this weekend. I am a bad wrestling fan, as I don't think I've ever seen a Wrestlemania event. One thing I have gotten into, though, is the WWE SuperCard app on my phone. It's a collectible card game in which you build a deck of wrestlers, train them up, and play your deck against other players' decks in order to gain better wrestlers. There are a couple of events that are open all the time as well as rotating community events with better cards to chase. It's a fun diversion, and the gameplay keeps me more engaged than traditional collecting apps like Bunt, Dunk, and Star Wars Card Trader.

I picked up this Hulk Hogan card from eBay recently. The Hulkster has has a pretty wild run in the media and in life recently, leading to the WWE pretty much writing him out of their history. I can't do that, because to me Hulk Hogan is professional wrestling. He may not be the greatest person outside of the ring, but his in-ring persona was everything that professional wrestling was supposed to be. I think the picture on this 2011 National Convention promo card is perfect, featuring Hogan wearing his 'Hulk Rules' bandanna, his iconic mustache, a dark tan, a gold chain, some Macho Man sunglasses, and a too-small shirt advertising his 24" biceps.

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