02 March 2016

Pack of the Day 128: 2 Packs of 2016 Topps Series 1 Toys"R"Us Edition

My twin sons turned five just over a week ago, so we took them out to dinner and then to Toys"R"Us to purchase some stuff with their birthday money. They chose a couple of LEGO kits and some Hot Wheels stuff. While they were doing that, I was looking for the trading cards so I could grab a couple packs of 2016 Topps Series 1 with the exclusive Purple parallels.

I grabbed two packs. There wasn't anything of interest in the regular packs, so I just scanned the Purple Toys"R"Us cards for this post. They are pretty cool, I guess. I got a couple of decent names in my packs, with Jose Abreu and Max Scherzer probably being the best of the bunch. Matt Kemp takes a fairly distant third place, with Erick Aybar following just over the horizon and Martin Maldonado and Travis Jankowski getting participation trophies.

There's not much more to say about these. They're a fun novelty but I can't see myself chasing any more of them. I'm just kind of waiting on 2016 Topps until the factory sets come out. I'm a little bit excited for Heritage, which released today I believe, but I usually just pick up that set once prices come down on it. I'd like to bust some packs of something this year, but my other collecting priorities always seem to push that down the list. I'm not sure Heritage is the thing that's going to jump up to the top.

I was on the news today as a bystander. Well, my car was. I was in the car, but you can't see me. I was on my way home from work and I saw that traffic up ahead was slowing down. Then I saw a police officer standing on the other side of the highway trying to throw a spike strip across the lanes. Pretty soon after that a pickup truck came down the highway with three or four police cars in pursuit. The truck drove around the spike strip and then the police cars went around the spike strip. A little ways back the police nudged the truck and it wrecked. When I went home and saw the news the video from the traffic camera picked up right as I was driving past. That was pretty cool.


  1. That was an interesting way to end you work day with a high speed chase. In your mind did you hear that guy who narrated Wildest Police Chases on Fox back in the early 2000's in your head?

    1. I hadn't thought about those shows in a long time! I used to love watching them, even though they all re-used the same few chases like the pick-up truck with a stolen riding lawnmower in the back that gets creamed by a semi. It does seem like they had the same narrator on all of those show.

      "But this wacky criminal isn't done with his wild ride just yet! He makes a sudden turn onto a side street and dodges through traffic without any regard for his life!"