30 March 2016

2014 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Trevor Rosenthal

Kind of a short post today. I have been sick since last Thursday evening, and it seems to be the sort of thing that just hangs around for a while. I hope to get over it soon, as I have some busy times ahead of me and I need to be able to do more than sleep this coming weekend.

Today's card is another 2014 Topps Stadium Club Members Only parallel. These cards were not serially-numbered, but there were rumored to be less than 10 copies made of each. I've been picking them up when I can, and I've probably got a couple dozen of them now. I'll never be able to get most of the big names and Hall of Famers, but I've have pretty good luck at tracking down the other players on the checklist. This one features Trevor Rosenthal, the Cardinals' closer. He's been pretty good during his career so far, with the only real knock against him being his WHIP, which is a little higher than you usually see on an elite closing pitcher. He still manages to get the job done, though.

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