20 March 2016

Four Gray Swatches Embedded in a Card

I've had a hard time the last few days choosing scans from my folder to process and post about. There's some pretty decent stuff in there, but nothing I really feel like writing about. It is all interesting to me from a collecting standpoint, but from a blogging perspective I'm struggling. So instead I find myself doing whatever else I can find and then I bang out a post real fast at the end of the night to keep my post-a-day streak alive for a little bit longer.

Today's card came to me courtesy of eBay, where I got it for a lot less than I'd expect for a quad relic of a relatively popular player and a low print run. Dickey's pretty far removed from his Cy Young season, but I think he's probably still a little more popular than your average inning-eating rotation guy. Anyway, I got this 2013 Topps Museum Collection Primary Pieces Quad Relic Gold card numbered # 10 / 25 and I am happy to have it. It came enclosed in a magnetic case, which probably has a retail cost of as much or more than I paid for the card. It's got some tape gunk and stuff on it, so I guess it's not really great for use as a display, but it does a fine job of storing this card.

The # / 75 version of this card was one of my first card purchases upon getting back into collecting back in 2013. Both cards have the same four gray relic swatches, so the only difference between them is a slightly different color on the foil. This one is gold and that one is bronze.

While one side of my NCAA Tournament bracket looks really good, the other side is pretty much all red after losses from Kentucky and Michigan State. Oh well. I really wish I'd thought to hold onto my brackets each year so I could have a record of my failures over time. It would help to pull them out and look at them every time I started to get an ego about something.


  1. I wouldn't feel too bad about your bracket this year bud, nice card you got there.

    1. The odds of having a bracket that looks decent at the end of the tournament are so slim that you can't be basing your self-worth on it. It's just a funny idea to keep your brackets in your desk as a reminder not to get too cocky in life.

      This is a pretty cool card. I just wish even one of the patches had some color to differentiate it from the # / 75 version I have.