02 September 2013

Gint-A-Cuffs V: Box Topper and Final Box Score

This is actually the first pack I opened, but I wanted to save it for last. It was a pretty good start to an otherwise kind of bland box. One could argue that it is a rather bland card, and I would agree, but at least it's worth a healthy number of points in this little game.

Scoring Cards:
R.A. Dickey Oversized Box Loader (My Favorite Player): +28

Pack 25: 28 points
Final Total: 204 points
Per Pack Average: 8.16 points
Pace: 204 points

And that's it for my box. It was a pretty average box, but the good luck on the box loader put me in the grey area between people who had average boxes and people who were ahead of the pack with a bigger hit than usual in their boxes.

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