24 September 2013

At the Trade Deadline 5: Blue Sparkles from BaseSetCalling

I completed a small PWE trade with BaseSetCalling, some parallels he needed for some 2013 Opening Day Blue Sparkle cards I needed. I've said it many times before, but I sure do like the way this particular parallel set looks.
The Vogelsong card was an extra that he threw in on top of the agreed cards, so it would appear that I am indebted to yet another trade partner. There haven't been a lot of these cards on eBay lately and I have really been focused in on my 2013 Topps Archives Gold parallel set, so the Opening Day parallels have fallen by the wayside a little bit. I still want to finish the set, though. So far I have 134 / 220 cards, or 60.9% of the set. I believe I just recently crossed the 50% mark on the Archives Gold set, but I would have to check to make sure.

I appreciate the trade and I am now 4 cards closer to finishing out my set.

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