28 September 2013

What eBay Hath Wrought 17: More Gold Parallels

I started this post quite a while ago, but it just sat in my Drafts folder forever, accumulating pictures of 2013 Topps Archives Gold parallels. They've arrived in ones, twos, threes, and more-than-threes. Sometimes I kind of feel like:

I am not even sure what to say as far as commentary on most of the individual pictures goes. I like the way the A's uniforms pop on cards.

It's pretty nice to cross Encarnacion and Butler off of my need list. I never did like those chinstrap beards, though, Edwin. Of course I own three pairs of Zubaz pants, so who am I to be critiquing fashion choices? I have read that Zubaz are coming back in some circles, though, so maybe I'm more fashion-forward than I thought. 

Not much to say about this one except that it fills a hole in the binder.

Here are a quartet of cards in the 1990 Topps design. I happen to like the set, but I seem to be in the minority on that point among bloggers.

Here are a few more cards. McCann was at the center of a disagreement between the Braves and Brewers this week after Carlos Gomez admired a home run longer than McCann felt was necessary. Watching the video, I think Gomez did stare a little too long because he was feeling vindicated after having been plunked a while ago by the pitcher, Paul Maholm. The way I saw it, McCann and Freddie Freeman yelled at him, so Gomez started talking back as he went around the bases, exchanging words with all of the Braves' infielders. As he came down the 3rd base line McCann blocked the path, got in his face, and started a shoving match that ended with the benches clearing, at least one elbow and maybe some punches thrown, and a number of ejections and a possible suspension at some point for Freddie Freeman, who was the guy with the errant elbow. The video appears to have been edited since the first time I watched it, as originally you could hear the initial stream of expletives that McCann yelled at Gomez as he started walking out of the batter's box. It was something like, "Fart and run, consarnit!"

I personally think that Gomez was a little bit wrong for gloating and taking off slowly, but McCann is more wrong for getting bitchy and yelling at Gomez to run and then blocking the basepath so he could get in Gomez' face and pitch a fit. If the Braves players didn't want Gomez to talk trash to them as he went around the bases, maybe they should have kept their mouths shut. I see a lot of commentary praising McCann and the Braves for enforcing the unwritten rules of baseball and standing up for the pitcher, but all I saw was a guy who couldn't control himself and a bunch of crybabies who felt sad that a guy homered on them in the 1st inning. I guess McCann went off on Jose Fernandez earlier this season for the same thing. What a douche-canoe. I used to have a minor positive opinion of the guy because of his production at the catcher slot in fantasy baseball, but not anymore.

I didn't grow up watching baseball, so there are probably nuances of conduct that I miss out on that explain why I feel one way and most of the sports columnists and commenters feel another.

This Derek Holland is probably my favorite card of the year. It's got that weird posed senior picture look to it, and that mustache and the creepy stare into the camera is just a bit off. It makes me laugh every time I see it. A guy with a mustache like that is either guilty of unspeakable acts or just someone with a good sense of humor. I hope Holland is the latter.

I'm running out of steam here. Look, pictures!

More pictures! Peavy has got the awkward pose down, but he doesn't have a mustache and he's looking away from the camera, so he doesn't get all the points that Holland got. We've got the bat on shoulder pose covered with this group, too.

I guess I wound up with more to say than I thought. I've stopped scanning all of the cards from this set that I get in, as there are just too many of them. But there will probably be plenty more shown on this blog. I'm only a little over halfway done.

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