15 September 2013

Breaking it Down 2: Tribecards Allen & Ginter's Box Break Recap

I participated in a group break over at Tribecards, in which David opened up his box of 2013 Allen & Ginter's  for Gint-A-Cuffs V. The spots I bought were the Red Sox, Reds, and Blue Jays, as well as the insert sets Palaces & Strongholds and One Little Corner. My randomized teams were the Giants, Yankees, and Astros. I don't have any pictures because they got sorted into my collection and I have no idea which ones were needs and which ones were duplicates. The hits in the box managed to evade my teams, so there wasn't anything too significant in my stack of cards.

The big hits from the box were: Ryan Howard Red-Back mini hand-numbered #10/25, a Joe Mauer full-size relic, a Tim Hudson mini-framed relic (with a hair sticking out of the cloth), and my personal favorite card from the box, a Jurickson Profar mini-framed autograph.

I still owe e-mails to a bunch of people, but I am perpetually behind on a great many things in life and haven't got around to it yet. Sorry.

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