13 September 2013

Pack of the Day 21: 2013 Bowman Baseball Retail Box Pack 8

I am only up to posting Pack 8 for this box, but over the long holiday weekend I scanned all of the packs in the box so I could see how close I am to a complete set. It turned out I am a lot further away than I anticipated. I am still missing 54 44/220 of the veterans, 34 27/110 of the prospects, and 37 33/110 of the Chrome prospects. Technically the Chrome prospects are a parallel, I guess, but I am counting them as base cards. I'd like to put together the Top 100 Prospects insert set as well, but I'm already working on too many 2013 sets as it is. They are seeded just a little too far apart for me to seriously consider it. The Gold parallel set for Archives is bad enough for now. My progress on the Blue Opening Day parallels has pretty much ground to a halt recently, too.

In the time since I started writing this post, I found a stack of cards that I'd forgotten about and knocked a few more off of my need list. I seem to be at the point where buying more packs will not be cost-effective anymore. I can get all of the remaining cards on my list from COMC.com for right around $57.37, or slightly more than a retail box would cost me. It's around $0.55 per card going that route. Sure, I'd be missing out on potential hits, but I would also be avoiding the risk of coming up short of the set on the box and still needing to buy cards to close it out. I guess I could post the list to my blog at some point and try to trade for some of the needed cards.

There isn't a lot going on in this pack, although it kind of breaks the pattern by not having an insert card but containing the full 10-card load-out. I guess the Shelby Miller RC is the highlight of the pack.

I don't have much to say about the Prospects and Chrome Prospects in this pack. I believe that most of the cards in this pack filled open spots in my set binder, so that is a bonus.

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