06 September 2013

Pack of the Day 20: 2013 Press Pass FanFare Racing Retail

I bought a second pack of 2013 Press Pass Fanfare on eBay, as I still am not sure I want to go all-in and buy a whole box of the stuff. This first card, a Kyle Busch Fan Following insert, is a double of one of the cards in my last pack.

Next we have a Matt Kenseth base card. Look at that smile. The base set will be awfully difficult to put together when you get 1 or 2 of them per pack (MSRP around $20, street price $12-15) and 100 cards in the set. I haven't priced out base cards online, but they seem pretty hard to come by with all of the memorabilia, die-cut parallels, and autographs out there in their various levels. Also, I think it might be dangerous to collect a full base set, as that's a lot of foil to put in one binder. It might permanently affect your satellite signal.

The 2nd insert at least fits into one of my driver collections, being a Showtime card featuring the #14 driven by Tony Stewart, who has a broken leg and is missing the rest of this season. I think Mark Martin is stepping in to finish out the season in that car.

Next up is a red parallel of Elliott Sadler, which I believe is a retail-exclusive set. Whee! It's die-cut, so you know it's worth more.

And now, the guaranteed hit from the pack. A Regan Smith Magnificent Materials, which may feature the most boring firesuit patch ever. The only thing that saves it is the bit of black thread hanging out of it. He's a career middle-of-the-pack driver who currently competing in the lower circuit, the Nationwide series. He actually is 4th in the standings on the season there, but ultimately is just a GUY. For the price of these two packs of cards I could have had 1-2 lower-tier relics of two of my favorite drivers and a full set of Showtime inserts, a takeoff on the reverse box concept talked about recently by the Pirates Treasure Room blog, where you take the price of a box of cards (or in this case, two packs) and see what you can get from the set on the secondary market for the same price.

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