04 September 2013

What eBay Hath Wrought 11: Brett Wallace Relic and Other Stuff

It's been a little while since these arrived, but I have a lot of cards I need to post and there don't seem to be enough days in the month. I picked up a few cards of Astros 1st Baseman Brett Wallace. I guess he has spent some time as a highly-touted prospect, but by my eyes he hasn't shown a whole lot during his time with the 'big' club this year. The Astros guy who has been lighting it up recently is catcher Jason Castro, who has been the 8th-best catcher in fantasy baseball this year, and has spent the last couple of weeks being the #1 catcher in baseball. Unfortunately, I don't have any of his cards. I do have a nice big piece of Brett Wallace's bat, though. Perhaps if he still had his bat, he would be hitting better. Anyway, I thought it fitting that the guy who was traded for Anthony Gose should join Gose in my player collections. I wonder what the game-used bat and jersey warehouse at Topps looks like?

I also got this Red Hot Rookies card which appears to be from 2010 Topps. I guess they were redemption cards with autographed parallels. This is not the autographed one, although I may be in negotiations for a different autograph from him.

Up next is a couple of cards featuring Nolan Ryan. One is an Upper Deck Electric Diamond card with a nifty camera angle. I hope the photographer was wearing some pads, because that pitch is going to sting when it flies this way.

Then I've got a Leaf AL/NL Stars card with Ryan on one side and Maddux on the other, as well as a Fleer Golden Moments card commemorating the end of his illustrious pitching career.

I also picked up this Randy Johnson card from Finest. He's got words all over him.

I peeled the film, which I hear destroys the value of the card. Funny, I don't feel worse about owning it. And I can actually see the picture and all the gloss on the card.

Apparently Upper Deck was really into the whole Diamond theme, as these Griffey cards are a Diamonation and a Diamond Might. Upper Deck Diamond Diamond Diamond!

I also got this Griffey issue from 2012 Gypsy Queen, a nice blue paper framed parallel. Topps was a little more liberal with these in 2012 than they were this year, issuing 100 more of each card. I think I like this year's design a little better, but I don't have any right in front of me to compare, so I could go back on that at any moment.

And finally, I added in a Felix Hernandez card from Topps Museum Collection. Judging by all of the gold foil, I am assuming it is from the Gold parallel set.

And that's about it. There wasn't anything too cohesive about the cards in this group, as they are just a random batch of eBay cards I picked up for various player collections that all happened to end at around the same time. 

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