20 November 2014

2006 Upper Deck Munenori Kawasaki World Baseball Classic Relic

I've been looking for a Munenori Kawasaki relic or autograph off and on for quite a while, but it seemed like things never lined up exactly right. He is apparently quite the fan favorite with his antics and interview prowess, so his card prices far outstrip his on-field production.

After several months of being outbid and watching exorbitantly-priced Buy It Now listings end without buyers, I was able to land this 2006 Upper Deck World Baseball Classic relic card for a decent price. It's a pretty nice-looking card. I like seeing something outside of the usual MLB uniforms, and I think the WBC logo looks good on cards. It would still be nice to add an autograph someday, but it may be a little while before I get around to it. 

The back features all the typical relic-card stuff congratulating the buyer on obtaining a guaranteed relic card. It also features one sentence about Kawasaki's performance during the World Baseball Classic.


  1. Nice addition.
    A friend of mine recently got a "Munelin" (as he's referred to by Japanese fans) autograph in person at a special signing event. For some reason he inscribed "チエストー" (which is "chest" written in katakana) on everybody's card lol.

    1. Every time I hear something new about this guy it makes me like him more.

    2. BTW, another friend of mine went to the same signing event and asked him to inscribe "It's Not Over Yet" but Kawasaki said he doesn't know english so he proceeded to write チエストー instead. Bless that man.