05 November 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 129: A Golden Tribute

I don't have any dang time right now because of an Auditing class that covers way too much material for the time we have. Maybe it's not the material so much as the huge amount of labor-intensive homework we are assigned each week. I know, that probably qualifies as a first-world problem, but it's my problem and my blog and I am going to whine about it every single day until December 14th.

Anyway, here is another in the line of high-end R.A. Dickey cards that can be had for a song because Topps puts out so many high-end sets with so many parallels that all of the perceived value behind a print run of 25 copies is lost in the ocean of slightly different cards that also have print runs of 25 copies. This one I guess is notable in that it shows him in a Mets uniform. I have only been back in the card collecting game since early 2013, so most of my Dickey stuff shows him in a Blue Jays uniform. This card is # 09 / 25 and is very shiny and premium-looking. The finest foilboard and foil stamping processes were used in production. And some guy flipped right past it so that he could get to the hit in the pack, which was probably a Wade Miley relic card.

In typing up this post I got to thinking that I already had a copy of this card. I looked back through the post archives and found that I had some similar-looking Gold parallels from Triple Threads and some shiny Bowman products, as well as the Blue parallel of this card that was sent to me by J. Meeks of My Cardboard Habit last Christmas.

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