17 November 2014

Sonny Gray Members Only

I don't have time for one of the longer posts I have in the queue, but I figure I can show off one card I grabbed. This is the Members Only parallel of Sonny Gray from 2014 Topps Stadium Club. The forum folks say that based on the stated odds on Stadium Club's packaging it is likely that only between 7 and 9 copies of each of these cards were packed out. They are essentially a case hit, but slip under the radar because they don't have serial numbers or flashy foiling, just a little Members Only logo in the corner of the card. Many of the lesser stars and rookies can be had for just a couple of dollars for the patient eBay bidder, although if a couple of people are chasing the same card you can see them go for quite a bit. I've had some success at putting in bids at a dollar or two and letting the auctions play out. Sometimes I get outbid and lose the card when it sells for $2.57 instead of the $2.22 I bid, but I am not trying to complete the set or anything. I just like getting super-rare cards for dirt cheap.

Gray had a pretty good 2014, winning a couple of Pitcher of the Month awards along with one Player of the Week award and appearing pretty high on the leader board in most pitching categories.


  1. Stadium Club is the perfect set to nab deals. Even the parallel gold cards are hard to see. Nice pick up!

  2. If memory recalls Topps has been making exclusive cards for certain groups for a while now. Like 2013 Five Star.