04 November 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 128: Throw Angry

I picked up this bat relic of R.A. Dickey because it was pretty cheap. I can't tell the difference between all of these high-end sets that they put out. I had to look around the picture for a while to determine whether it was from the Triple Threads or the Tribute set, and I had to look at the copyright information to figure out which year it was from. It's kind of sad. Maybe there are only so many things you can do with a small piece of cardboard, but the high-end stuff all seems to run together. I keep buying them anyway. The serial number on this one is # 15 / 36.

One thing I like about this card is Dickey's UPF (Ugly Pitching Face). He always looks so mad when he throws, but he's a knuckle-baller, so the angry face to nasty stuff ratio is off the charts. You'd expect a 100 mph flame-throwing closer to have a pretty aggressive throwing face, but this dude's stuff is in the 75-80 mph range, I guess whatever works for you. I don't know the first thing about throwing a baseball.

There's not a lot on the back of this card. Why are we looking at the back of the card anyway? This stuff is all about the piece of bat and the serial number on the front of the card. Take a look at the card number, though. TTUJR-RDI3 sounds more like a droid from the Star Wars universe than a number from a trading card set. Pretty sure it can be broken down as Triple Threads Unity Jumbo Relic - R.A. Dickey 3, though, with the 3 referring to the number of different card designs Dickey has in the set.


  1. I thought the title of this post was a reference to the Youtube video Nicolas Cage is ANGRY!

    1. I need to watch that. Nicolas Cage really puts his all into his roles. It's not always good, in part because he's always flat broke and can't be selective about scripts, but it's usually pretty entertaining.