10 November 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 132: Manti Te'o 2013 Topps 1965 Mini Rookie Autographs

I felt like adding another Manti Te'o card to my small collection, so I searched around and waited and bid on a few things. He doesn't have a lot of stuff in the 2014 products because he's a defensive player, he's been out with injuries, and your fame can only go so far based on a news story that's a couple years old by now. I kind of thought it had been longer since my last Manti Te'o post, but apparently it was just last month. I like a lot about this card. The vintage design is cool. The autograph is on-card. I think a sticker auto would just ruin this particular set. I like the light blue jersey, the eye black, and the old-school haircut. I guess the only bad thing about this is that Te'o plays for the Chargers and they are division rivals to the Denver Broncos. I am able to put away that sort of thing in some instances, so I don't really suffer from liking a guy who is on the opposing team. I think fantasy football has sort of conditioned me for this, as sometimes you run into scenarios where you really want your team to win, but you need the wide receiver on the other team to get his points for your fantasy matchup that week.

I was a little irritated when the card arrived because the guy who sent it put it in one of those flimsy card saver things rather than a properly-secured top loader, and of course the card was hanging halfway out of it by the time it got to me.

"I hate you, Card Saver II!!!"

The dude didn't charge much for shipping, and those are always the ones that worry me. His envelope appeared to be grossly under-stamped, and I'm kind of surprised it didn't arrive Postage Due. I left a comment about the poor packing in my Feedback comments, but it probably won't do any good. At least I have something to shout about on my blog.

I am trying to hang on and win this week in my office fantasy league. I was way out of it until the Sunday night game, when my Packers players scored a bunch of points and got me within a few points of my opponent. Whoever wins this game gets first place in the standings, so it's sort of a big deal. I was in first place for a while, but then my opponent's team took the spot. I got it back last week, and if I win I get to stay there. I just need my quarterback to score a few more points more than the other team's kicker does. If I were playing my regular QB, Andrew Luck, I would feel pretty confident about my odds. Unfortunately he is on the bye this week and the best QB on the waiver wire was a guy who bungled a play so badly that the internet gave it a name:

You may remember the Butt-Fumble, in which New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran squarely into the back end of his own lineman and lost control of the ball, which was recovered by New England and run back for a touchdown.

Yup, Mark "Butt-Fumble" Sanchez is the QB I am relying on to complete my comeback this week in fantasy football. He now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and was thrust into the starter's role by an injury to Nick Foles last week. And when I went to look for a QB to fill in on a bye week, he was the highest-ceiling guy available. It should make for an exciting Monday evening. Hopefully he is able to keep it close. I don't need a miracle. I just need him to score 3.94 more points than Cody Parkey does.


  1. Mr. Butt Fumble worked out pretty well for you, I take it??? hahaha

    1. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. The Eagles kept scoring field goals and rushing touchdowns, which boosted the score for my opponent's kicker but not for Mark Sanchez. Then the touchdown that would have put me on top was called back and they scored another rushing touchdown, leading to another point for the kicker. Just before they sent in the backups I was able to get the points I needed and ended up winning 99-92, staying in the top spot in the league and clinching a playoff spot.