22 November 2014

Another Gold R.A. Dickey Topps Tribute Parallel

I grabbed another Gold parallel of R.A. Dickey from Topps Tribute, this time from the 2014 incarnation of the set. This one features him in his Blue Jays gear, while the previous one showed him in his Mets uniform. It's shiny and brightly-colored and this example is numbered # 11 / 25.

The blue and gold combination makes me think of the Boy Scouts. I spent a lot of my youth doing Boy Scouts stuff, either as a member or going on the camp outs with the older kids when my dad was a Scout leader. I wasn't always the most enthusiastic about Scouting, but I think I had a lot of experiences in the program that really helped me later in life. I turned in my paperwork just in time to complete the process of becoming an Eagle Scout before I turned 18, and when I joined the military the policy was that Eagle Scouts got an automatic promotion from E1 (the lowest of the low) to E2 (still the lowest of the low, but slightly better paid). I don't think that policy is still in place, but I do think that the Boy Scouts is a good organization for helping boys gain confidence and learn life skills.

The seller also included a stack of base cards from the Triple Threads set, which was a decent bonus. These are all pretty big names, with Ken Griffey Jr. probably coming in as my favorite of the bunch.

I usually scan the backs of the cards for completeness, as I like to upload pictures into Zistle for any random cards that come my way. There are a lot of folks who scan the fronts of cards into Zistle, but there are a lot fewer card backs uploaded.

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