08 November 2014

Breaking it Down 18: Supreme Springer

I joined a group break for the new 2014 Topps Supreme set, which is a higher-end dump for sticker autos. Topps didn't even pretend like base cards matter for this set, as each 'box' contains two cards which are guaranteed to be (sticker) autographs numbered # / 50 or less. What I was really hoping for was some sort of Jon Singleton action, as I kind of want to start a PC for him. He is a hot young player, though, so his cards cost more than I want to pay for them. A Nolan Ryan auto wouldn't have hurt, either.

Instead I got a card of one of Houston's other promising young players, George Springer. Since there is a version of this card out there numbered out of # / 50, this must be the Green parallel. It is # 09 / 45 and features an autograph.

I have received some packages from other bloggers over the past few weeks that I haven't blogged about because they usually contain more than one card and I have a hard time getting scans done and writing up posts for lots containing more than one card. I also have not been very good about e-mail response times. Sorry if you are waiting on a response or acknowledgment. I probably read your e-mail / received your package, but haven't made time to get back to you about it.


  1. I cherry picked a few Pirates from last years Supreme. The only cards I really like are the patch autos. They have a nice look.

  2. It looks pretty good for a sticker dump, but it's hard to justify the $80ish sticker price for two cards. There are some good ones in there, but there are plenty of cards that aren't worth $40, too. I got a pretty good deal on the break slot (basically into a 20-box break for the price of a 10-box break), but I paid more than this card was worth. There was a good chance of getting a Singleton or maybe even a Nolan Ryan or Jeff Bagwell, so I tried it once. Now I just have to wait for the right Singleton auto to fall to me in an auction.