26 July 2015

Contested Shots 9: Crowning the Contest Champions!

Photo of wrestler Command Bolshoi taken from the JWP~ICE RIBBON~REINA Facebook Group

The entry period for my blog's first contest has ended. The prizes available are one base set of 2015 BBM True Heart Women's Pro Wrestling trading cards and a couple of autograph inserts from that same set. All told I counted 10 different entrants, with 2 commenters getting bonus entries for promoting the contest on their blogs and posting the links in the contest post comments section. That made a total of twelve entries on the list, which I randomized on Random.org four times.

Appearing in the first spot and winning the complete base set of 2015 BBM True Heart Women's Pro Wrestling trading cards is Commishbob! Congratulations!

Coming in last in the randomization and winning the 2015 BBM True Heart Women's Pro Wrestling autographs is Jupiterhill! Congratulations!

I will try to contact the winners, but if you want to contact me that works, too. There is a link to my e-mail on my Blogger profile. I'll just need a name and address so that I can ship the prizes out.

For those who didn't win, there is still a chance that some of these cards could be heading your way in future trade packages. I've got some extras on-hand from a couple of the BBM True Heart sets, so I'll do my best to send a sampling out across the blogosphere to people who have shown interest in them.


  1. Congratulations Commish & Jupiterhill! Thanks for the contest RAZ!

    1. I am happy to do it. It's a shame I waited so long to run my first one!