30 July 2015

Pack of the Day 102: 2015 Bowman Retail Pack

I bought a pack of 2015 Bowman a couple of weeks ago. I guess it probably came from Target? I don't remember. It didn't really have much in it that interests me, so I set it on my desk and it has been floating around near the scanner ever since. Since new card acquisitions are kind of slow lately and I have a bunch of longer posts I haven't got around to yet, I scanned the cards so I would at least have something for the blog.

First up is the Veterans part of the base set. These are the non-prospect guys, although that Javier Baez dude in the lower right is kind of straddling that line between prospect and non-prospect. I guess he qualifies for the RC logo, so he can't be in the prospect set any more. Greg Holland at least has a decent photo on his card. I think he might be on every one of my fantasy baseball rosters this year. There is a whole lot of blue in this scan.

The most notable card on that top row is the David Dahl card. It has the Bowman Chrome logo and the printed name and team logo instead of the foil name and logo, but it doesn't have the Chrome treatment that makes the card all glossy and silver like the Chrome cards on the bottom row. I just noticed that, so I guess it was worthwhile to revisit this pack so that I could discover a great oddity.

I really like those Bowman Scouts' Top 100 inserts. I guess there is just something about rankings and lists that appeals to me. When I was a kid collecting basketball cards I had a monthly 'Hot List' where I ranked my top 20 or so favorite players and tracked their rankings over time. Once I came up with my list I would swap their cards all around in my binders so that my collection was in order by Hot List ranking. I don't really recognize any of the names on this list, except maybe for Bradley Zimmer. I like Bowman as a product because there is all sorts of stuff in the packs, but when it comes to the prospect cards I usually don't have much of a clue.

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  1. Love that Baez shot with the throwback "Cuba" jersey! I too have always been a list guy, so I understand your love for the Top 100 insert