20 July 2015

Star Wars Masterwork Scum and Villainy Set + Contest Reminder!

Just a reminder that I am holding a contest for a complete base set of 2015 BBM True Heart wrestling cards and a couple of autographs from that same set! You don't even have to read the whole (really long) post to enter! It just takes a comment. As I write this, there are only two entries. The deadline to enter is this Saturday!

Here is something I picked up a long long time ago, probably soon after the Star Wars Masterwork set was released. It is a 10-card insert set entitled Scum and Villainy, and features some of the great lower-level villains from the movie series. It also features some of the not-as-great villains, but not everyone can be Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt. Boba Fett is the headliner for this set, taking the #1 spot in the checklist. He always has been kind of a cool guy. The inserts are pretty simple in format. The front features a photo of the villain, and the back features a cropped version of the villain and a short bio.

Jabba is a pretty dastardly fella, but he eventually meets his doom at the hands of Princess Leia, who chokes him to death with the chain he is using to keep her captive. I've got a couple of LEGO sets featuring Jabba and his retinue that rank right up there as some of my favorites.

Greedo is a low-level thug who winds up getting shot by Han Solo. For some reason there is a lot of debate over whether Han Solo or Greedo fired first during their encounter at the cantina. I think it is obvious that Han Solo preemptively shot Greedo. Without some of the Sith villains to pad this checklist out, we are rapidly running out of real meaningful villains. Jango Fett is a pretty big deal in that the whole army of Clone Troopers is based on his DNA, but I didn't find his character all that compelling. General Grievous is kind of cool, but doesn't really stick around for very long.

I thought that Ponda Baba died in the cantina scene, but according to the Wookieepdia, he recovered (partially) and went on to have quite a few wild adventures. One cool thing about the Star Wars universe is that pretty much every character with any screen time at all has a fleshed-out story telling where they came from and where they go in between and after the films. In spite of the relatively lackluster checklist, this is a pretty neat insert set. It looks pretty good and it's good to see the villains outside of the galaxy-level bad guys get a little bit of the spotlight.


  1. pretty cool set.

    why Lucas thinks he can just change and re-shoot scenes decades later is beyond me.

    1. People have been pumping his ego for decades now. He can pretty much do whatever he wants. I did think it was a little funny a while back when he perceived that people had turned on him and he essentially took his ball and went home.


  2. Cool set. Love going on Wookieepedia from time to time to read up on character bios. Easy way to kill 15 to 20 minutes.