12 July 2015

2014 Donruss Rated Rookie Stat Line Jon Singleton

I'm running pretty low on my stockpile of already-scanned cards saved in the Draft queue, so I am sort of scraping the bottom of the barrel. These are things that I scanned a long time ago and just never had much interest in writing posts about. In some cases I actually wait until I can scan more cards just so I don't have to try to think of something to say about the cards that are already scanned. But I have to post about them sometime. I wouldn't want to waste a scan.

This is a Stat Line parallel card from 2014 Donruss Baseball that commemorates Singleton's 61 career (minor league) home runs to that point. He certainly doesn't have 61 major league home runs yet, but he is slowly approaching 61 major league hits, only needing 6 more to reach that mark. The card is numbered # 24 / 61 and is printed on shiny foil card stock.

The back of the card looks the same as the base version. The Astros are driving me a little bit nuts right now. They swept the Royals, then lost series to the Red Sox and Indians before being swept by the Rays, who were just swept themselves by the Royals. And just like that, the Angels lead the division.

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