13 July 2015

Rainbow in the Dark 30: Jon Singleton 2014 Topps High Tek Circuit Board

I had planned on processing some more cards and getting some additional scans into my Draft queue, but I didn't ever really get around to it. Part of it was laziness, and part of it was venturing into the deep recesses of my crawlspace to troubleshoot our air conditioner. Turns out there was an earwig...

...stuck in the condensate overflow shut-off switch, and after I removed the earwig the unit kicked back on and it's been working ever since. I am glad that with the help of Youtube I was able to check the problem myself and save the cost of a service call / potential oversell of part I don't actually need. I did also manage to catch part of the Home Run Derby. I was hoping for Josh Donaldson to win, but the next-best thing happened with Todd Frazier winning in front of the home crowd.

This is the last of the cards in the Draft queue that I built up during my break between the Fall and Spring semesters a few months ago. I had been working on a Jon Singleton rainbow from 2014 Topps High Tek, and this is one of the background variations in the set. Each player had 6 different background variations of differing rarity, and this is the 4th of 6 patterns for AL players. Cardboard Connection calls it the Circuit Board pattern.

In addition to the six different background variations, there are a number of colored parallels of the most common background variation. I have six of the variations, thanks in part to a huge addition sent to me by Commishbob, but I lack the rarest ones which are numbered either # / 5 or # 1 / 1. I've seen a couple of the # 1 / 1 's pop up over the last few months, but I wasn't able to land any of them. I don't recall seeing any of the Blue Cloud Diffractors, which are the # / 5 variation, at any point. It is entirely possible that I missed out on one or more of them, though. Anyway, for all practical purposes the rainbow is complete to me unless one of those really rare ones pop up. I wonder how much of the print run is already busted? It seems like it was a pretty good seller, so there might not be whole lot of cards left that aren't tucked away in a collection somewhere.

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