11 July 2015

Tim Proctor IDW My Little Pony Sketch Commission: Fluttershy

One of the artists on the Blowout Cards forums, Tim Proctor, sometimes puts up sales threads or flash sales for sketches and other art. Fairly recently he put up a Studio Cleanout thread with all kinds of stuff on sale for a discount, and the one thing that really caught my eye was an Artist Proof from an IDW My Little Pony card set. From what I can tell, these cards were only available in a rather expensive collectible book package with different levels of rarity, although the Artist Proofs look to be differentiated from the packaged sketch cards by the color of the little heart in the bottom right corner. At the price he was offering I had to jump on the deal and request that he do a Fluttershy piece for my collection.

His turnaround time was pretty quick and he did a nice illustration for me. This is the second commission I have gotten from him, and he has been professional and kept his promised deadlines each time. He's got a website that you can go look at. Most of his stuff is a little darker than My Little Pony (what isn't darker than My Little Pony?) with subjects like zombies and horror and gritty comic book heroes; he also does quite a bit of excellent Star Wars art. Everything about this transaction went pretty well, and I am happy with the card I got.

The back of the card features the usual sketch card information. I wonder if the reference to IDW Limited's stable of artists was an intentional horse pun? Tim actually made use of the box for the artist's name, which happens less frequently than you might think. I've heard that sketch cards don't often pay all that well, so I would think the artists would make sure to put their names on them somewhere and at least get that exposure from their work.

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