28 July 2015

Rainbow in the Dark 31: An Addition to the Jon Singleton 2015 Topps Archives Rainbow

A little while ago I showed off the Black # 1 / 1, the Gold # / 50, and the Silver # / 199 that I acquired for the Jon Singleton 2015 Topps Archives rainbow. A couple of weeks ago this Black printing plate showed up on my eBay feed and I was able to snag it for my collection. I think the Black plate is the best one to get as it usually has the most visible detail and the clearest picture out of the four plates. I'll still keep an eye out for the Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta plates, though.

With there being only a few parallels in this set I have a realistic chance at completing the full rainbow, as long as those other plates get pulled from their packs and pop up at reasonable asking prices. Right now it seems like I am the only guy out there buying Singleton cards, so now would be an ideal time for those other plates to surface. If Singleton goes off on a big hot streak, then some other collector might begin competing with me. My guess is that he's the first person to get sent back down to AAA when the Astros need to free up a spot. I guess they could package him in a trade deadline deal, but his trade value seems to be pretty much zero and I don't know how his contract fits into the financial side of things.


  1. It's nice if you're the only one who's super collecting a player. I kick myself for the time that I let myself get outbid on a black Denorfia printing plate - the ONLY time that I've ever had another bidder on ANY Denorfia card. I don't have many collecting regrets, but that'd be one.

    1. There are a couple of cards that I regret passing on, especially when it was for a dumb reason like getting distracted during the last few minutes of an auction or forgetting to check my watch list one day.