19 November 2015

Whale Hunting: 2013 Topps Opening Day R.A. Dickey Photo Variation

This is a card I've wanted ever since it was released in 2013. In the Opening Day set that year Topps featured players who changed teams in photo variations from the press conferences where they were introduced as members of the new organization. R.A. Dickey got a photo variation for his switch from the Mets to the Blue Jays. These were seeded 1:617 packs, so they were a pretty tough pull from a product that people probably didn't break a whole lot of.

This copy of the Dickey variation has been up on eBay for most of the last couple of years, always on my Watch List but priced well outside my comfort zone. Recently the seller put a discount on the card. It was still priced a fair bit higher than I wanted to pay for it but for a long time this has been the only copy readily available on the market, so I bought it. I'm happy that I finally pulled this whale (not sure whether to classify it as a white whale or a grey whale) into my collection, even with the price tag. Spending an extra couple of dollars now is probably better than watching that auction for another two years before giving in and buying the card.

Also, I just realized this is Post # 700 for me on this blog. Woohoo!