07 November 2015

Another R.A. Dickey Factory Set Orange Parallel

Back in August I showed off an Orange Factory Set parallel of R.A. Dickey from the 2013 Topps Baseball set. I picked up a card from the 2012 set to go along with it. This is the Orange parallel of Dickey's All-Star card from Update Series. I was a bit stumped for a second as to how an Update Series Orange parallel got into the factory set. A little bit of research unearthed the answer for me. The regular Hobby Edition boxed set contained a pack with 5 Orange parallels from the base set, while the Holiday Edition boxed set contained a pack with 5 parallels from the Update set.

This thing has got a serial number on it, but I can't read the thing on the scan. I'm sure the card is kicking around here somewhere, but I'm not going to go and find it right now. Cards go from the Awaiting-Scanning pile to the Scanned pile to the Piles-I've-Piled-Together-and-Moved-to-Make-Room-for-Other-Piles piles and eventually those all find themselves in a 5000-count box to await the largely speculative Great Sorting Out that allow me to know what I have and what I still need.

I believe these 2012 factory set parallel cards are numbered out of # / 210. They're a little more rare in the field than other cards with similar print runs just because fewer factory sets get broken open than cards distributed in other formats.

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