29 November 2015

Princess Leia Topps Star Wars 5x7 Sticker Print

Topps continues to put out wall art and prints to sell on their website, and apparently people keep buying them. I am one of the suckers, although usually I buy singles from someone who has purchased a set to break down and resell. This is a 5"x7" Sticker Print of Princess Leia that I got from eBay. Unfortunately it is just a print in the design of the trading card-sized stickers and not actually a giant sticker. From what I've been able to gather, the print run on the Blue version is 49 copies of each print, while there is a Green version limited to 199 copies and a Red version limited to 10 copies each. My example of this card / print is # 17 / 49.

The holiday weekend was all right. We stayed home for the most part, venturing out once to see some family for a few hours. My wife made some really good food for Thanksgiving, and we've been eating the leftover turkey, pie, and rolls for the whole extended weekend. Outside of that, my kids put together a big LEGO kit to play with and I worked on some online classes for work.

We have been making progress on paying off the various financial mistakes of our 20's and early 30's, which unfortunately means that I've had to sit out this year's Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals. I've been watching the Dave & Adam's Card World sales, and there is some really good stuff available from them. I know a lot of people hit up the COMC sale at this time of year, but for me the big draw is the Dave & Adam's Card World and Blowout! Cards sales. I need to set aside some money this year so I can be ready for the sales next year.

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