01 November 2015

2014 Press Pass Danica Patrick Cyan Parallel

With Press Pass closing up shop and the NASCAR license sitting in limbo currently there haven't been any new NASCAR cards printed for a while. There's older stuff available, but as the supply dwindles a lot of it is overpriced and/or stuff I've already seen a thousand times. I still pick up a card here and there, though, when something catches my eye at the right price. That's how I got this Cyan parallel of Danica Patrick from the 2014 Press Pass set. It's relatively low-numbered, being serially-numbered # 04 / 35.

I actually caught the tail-end of last week's CampingWorld.com 500 at Talladega. I was pulling for Dale Earnhardt Jr. to get the race won, but they couldn't get a clean restart there at the finish and he was eliminated from the Chase. Tough luck, but he handled it well in the post-race interviews and came off as a class act which is more than you can say for a lot of drivers.

Danica Patrick finished in 27th place. She was running a bit higher than that for most of the portion that I watched, but it looked like she got hung up in all the back-of-the-pack contact that was going on and lost a lot of ground at the end. Her finishes lately haven't been very good. I think she still pulls in a lot of viewers but I wonder how long she'll be able to hang around if she doesn't come out in 2016 and post some better numbers? Hopefully she'll get things figured out a bit more and make a jump to an average finish inside the top 20. I 'need' to get a couple of her 2015 die-cast soon, probably one in the regular paint scheme and one in her pink paint scheme. She's switching to a new primary sponsor next year, so there will be new cars to collect then. Hopefully there will be new trading cards then, too.

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