20 November 2015

Wonder Woman Personal Sketch Card by Stacey Kardash

Recently a post popped up, possibly on one of the sketch card groups I follow on Facebook, announcing that artist Stacey Kardash was holding a sale in her Storenvy shop. I went and dug around and found this Wonder Woman sketch card. It's a pretty nice sketch. I like the colors, but unfortunately my scanner really wants to wash out huge sections of color and replace them with blank space. You should check out her Facebook and page and her shop to see some more artwork she's done.

Wonder Woman is one of my favorite comic book characters, but I don't add a lot of sketch cards featuring her because they just aren't available. There are at least one or two very dedicated Wonder Woman collectors out there, and they seem to snatch up most of the available stuff, often even before it hits the open market. Other people grab up the few cards that make it onto the market, so I consider myself pretty lucky when I can land a good one like this card here.