12 November 2015

At the Trade Deadline 35: A Packed Package from San Jose Fuji

Like many other bloggers, I recently received a package in the mail from San Jose Fuji. It was full of awesome cardboard, cloth, and ink that touched on many of my player collections. Also included was this highly-coveted San Jose Fuji autographed card, with all of his particulars on the back.

First up are two of my main player collections, R.A. Dickey and Josh Reddick. Dickey's presence comes in the form of a Tier One Relic from 2013 Topps Tier One. It's hard to believe Dickey's been with the Blue Jays for so long. It feels like just a few months ago that he was traded from the Mets, but it's been a bit longer than that. Reddick is represented by an autograph from 2007 Just Minors, an unlicensed set that I don't know a whole lot about. I've seen these cards on eBay quite a bit, but I've never actually grabbed one for my collection. Now I've got one, although Zistle tells me there are several parallels to chase.

Jose Baustista is a guy I kind of collect, but with his mammoth power and charisma I can't keep up with his card prices. One eBay seller I watch has been offloading a crazy Bautista collection recently. I really like the Blue Jays' color scheme. This Bautista is a Clubhouse Collection relic from 2014 Topps Heritage. Homer Bailey has tossed a couple of no-hitters in his career, but has struggled with injury over the last couple of seasons. His 2015 was cut short by Tommy John surgery, so we'll see how well he is able to come back from that. He wears my favorite jersey number (34) and also appeared on the very first printing plate I pulled from a pack, way back in 2013. The Bailey card is a Futures Game relic card from 2007 Bowman Draft, one of those 'other' Bowman sets.

I'm always a fan of a good Max Scherzer card, although again I am not able to full-on PC all of the guys I would like to. I do set his cards aside, though, as cards I would like to keep in my collection. This is a nice horizontal Clubhouse Collection relic from 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball. I didn't open hardly any Heritage this year (if I am recalling things correctly), so I didn't really get a look at all of the relics and inserts that were on offer. My blog posts tell me that I opened a blaster of it at some point, but it wasn't anything near the several hobby boxes I opened of 2014 Heritage. I held steady or probably purchased more single cards this year, but I opened a lot less wax than I did in 2013 and 2014. That is a trend that I see continuing in the foreseeable future, unfortunately.

This Mark Reynolds Young Star Signatures autograph hails from the 2008 Upper Deck SPx set. Reynolds is/was one of those low-average high-power guys who seems to hang around for a while just because they might just hit a bunch of home runs. In fantasy baseball they are kind of like Dwight Howard is in fantasy basketball. You hope that their good stats do enough to counteract their bad ones. I got bitten by the Mark Reynolds bug and probably drafted him in every league from 2009-2012. His average almost always dragged my team down more than his home runs helped me. The way it would work is that I would leave him in my lineup all the way through his cold streaks, then I would get frustrated and bench him the day before he had a 2-homer game. Then I would put him on my roster again and he would go cold just long enough for me to bench him for his next hot run. Every. Single. Time. Chris Davis has been the same way lately. He kind of picked up the mantle for my fantasy teams once I finally broke the Mark Reynolds habit. I PC the guy just because he has sunk so many of my fantasy seasons. I hope he signs somewhere this offseason so I can carry him on my roster for a couple of weeks next year.

This last card could be my favorite one of the package. It's an autograph by Jeff Lewis from Cryptozoic's The Guild Seasons 1-3 card set. In The Guild he plays Herman Holden, the Guild Leader who has a difficult time keeping The Knights of Good on task and running smoothly. His in-game character is named Vork. I've purchased a few boxes of these cards, but I haven't come very close to completing a master set. There are two autographs that present a major obstacle if I were to pursue the master set, Wil Wheaton and the other Felicia Day autograph of her as her in-game character Codex. I have Felicia Day's autograph of her as Cyd Sherman, but the Codex variation is more scarce and commands a higher price. What I'd really like to do is just buy a case of these cards and roll the dice that those tough autographs are in there. Felicia Day is super cool, but I think Herman / Vork is my favorite character in the series. Maybe I identify a little with him?

This was a great package to open up and sort through. I've still got a handful of cards that I promised to send out to complete a prior mailing, but I haven't got them in the mail yet. They are packed up and set aside, though, so it's not a matter of if, but when. Thank you for the cards, Fuji!

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  1. You're welcome. Pretty sure I have a few costume cards from my Guild break. As soon as I stumble across them, I'll ship them out to you.