27 November 2015

Wonder Woman Sketch Card by Bianca Thompson

One artist I've had on my wish list for a long time is Bianca Thompson, who has a very distinctive airbrushed art style. I've chased quite a few of her cards on eBay, but it took a while for me to actually win one that matched my collecting interests. I was kicking myself a bit for missing out on a really cool Princess Leia sketch she listed a while back. I think I forgot it was ending and took a nap or something, and by the time I got back on the computer it had ended. A little while later this Wonder Woman sketch popped up and I won it. She takes commissions so I guess I could have asked her to get on the commission list for a Leia, but to be honest I didn't think of that until now.

She's got a decent inventory in her eBay store that covers a wide variety of comic book, movie, and other pop culture subjects. She has also worked on a few licensed sketch card sets, so other sellers occasionally list pack-pulled stuff she's done. I like her art because it's distinctive. No one else in the sketch card world really does what she does. I am drawn toward artists whose work stands out, so when I am scrolling through the sketch card listings I can recognize their work at a glance. You can see some of her other artwork on the back of the sketch card as well as on the business card she included in the envelope:

You can see that she also does sketches on blank comic book covers, and I think the Rosie the Riveter-inspired Wonder Woman there is available as a poster or a print. Her website has got galleries of quite a bit of her stuff, and like I mentioned before her eBay shop is usually pretty well-stocked.

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