01 June 2017

A Cracked Bat Contest - Where the Last Shall Be First

In case you haven't seen all the other posts about this contest, Julie over at A Cracked Bat: Baseball Cards and a Hot Dog is running a contest to celebrate the blog's 100th post. The prize is a 400-count box of cards that are not junk, and it will be sent to the person who appears last on her randomized list of entrants. To find out how to get an entry for yourself, click her blog title above.

Back in April, I picked up this Yellow Printing Plate from 2014 Bowman Chrome Mini for my Jon Singleton player collection. It's cool to add a 1 / 1 to my collection, even if it is a fairly ugly card piece of metal with a sticker on the back.

Singleton is playing all right down at AA this year, but it's usually not a great sign for your career trajectory if you go from MLB to AAA to AA instead of the other way around. His batting average isn't that pretty, but his counting stats are on a pretty good pace and he draws enough walks that his on-base percentage is higher than you would expect.


  1. Singleton eh? If you win, I'll tuck one of his relic cards in the box. thanks for the pimp!

    1. I'll try my hardest to get that last spot in the randomizer!