09 June 2017

Comic Book Sketch Cards by Anastasia Catris

I picked up a few sketches from the latest waves of March of Dimes sketches on eBay. The Princess Leia sketch I showed off a couple of days ago came second-hand from a person who'd originally picked it up from the March of Dimes charity auctions run by steve4mod. The ones I'm posting today came from bidding on the actual auction listings. There were quite a few nice cards in the last couple of waves from Year 6, but a lot of them went well outside of my price range. I was still able to land two very nice sketches by artist Anastasia Catris, though.

This first one features Captain Marvel, a character I'm a fan of, but one that I don't have much of a sketch collection for outside of one I purchased last year by an unknown artist. Now I've got two Captain Marvel sketches, and I am pretty happy with this one. I tend to be drawn in by bright colors and interesting backgrounds, and this sketch definitely has those qualities. It's a great depiction of the character.

I also won this sketch of Black Cat, one of Spider-Man's frenemies. I especially like the spiderweb in the background and the way Catris stylized her hair. I have to imagine that Black Cat is one of the harder characters to draw, as her suit is all black and her hair is white, which are respectively hard to highlight and shade convincingly. Those are two colors I really struggle with in my miniature painting.

These are two high-quality sketches that I really stole for a song. You can find links to Catris' store and social media profiles on her website, where she has original art for sale as well as commission information.

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