30 June 2017

Frank Kadar Hulk Sketch from eBay

I've shown off a couple of commissions by artist Frank A. Kadar before, sketch cards of Power Girl and Princess Leia. I think he does awesome work, and I recently picked up a sketch card of his from an eBay seller. I kind of felt bad because I won the listing for about 20% of what a commissioned sketch card would cost me, but I was also happy to add another piece of Kadar's work to my collection.

The character in this sketch is Marvel's Hulk, in his grey form. He looks properly angry in this sketch, and I like the perspective of the sketch with Hulk's hands in the foreground. Hulk is one of my favorite characters; I even named one of my kids after his civilian alter ego. It's done on Kadar's personal sketch card stock, with some of his social media handles listed on the back. I am always happy to add another sketch to my art collection, especially one that looks this nice.


  1. Beautiful sketch! Love how Hulk's hands pop out at you.

    1. It was too awesome to pass up! I'm glad I won it!