11 June 2017

Danica Red Flag Prizm - Pocono 400

I've got a pretty quick one-card post today, because I am just not feeling it this evening. I've been on a new medication for the last week, and it makes me feel pretty tired. I've been taking a lot of naps as I wait for my system to balance out.

Today's NASCAR race was the Pocono 400 at Pocono Raceway. Danica Patrick continued a pretty good stretch, finishing in 16th place after her 10th place finish last week. Pocono has traditionally been one of her worst tracks, but she was able to get a Top 20 this time around. It wasn't without controversy, though, as she got some headlines for confronting some fans who booed her on Friday.

Today's card comes from 2016 Panini Prizm Racing, and shows off her car in Nature's Bakery colors. This is a Red Flag Prizm parallel, numbered # 19 / 75. I'm pretty sure I picked this one up from eBay, but it's been in my post queue since April and I'm not entirely sure.


  1. I'm not a huge racing fan. Actually... don't think I've watched an entire race ever. But I do like their cards and my favorites are these "car" shots. Panini did a great job with this card. Hope you feel better!

    1. I don't really watch much racing, either. It's hard to block out that much time in my schedule. I also like racing cards that actually show the cars.

  2. Hope you're back to normal soon!