06 June 2017

Comic Art Sketch Cards by Jeff Oleson

A couple of months ago I had a backlog of Star Wars sketches to get through, and now I'm in the same position with comic book-related artwork. Although I am still gathering cards from my other collecting interests, I've had a renewed interest in original artwork lately. There is a novelty there that you can't get with the endless parallels and rehashed photos found on traditional cards. I think that might also be the reason I am drawn to Topps Now products. The photo selections for those aren't pictures that you will find on 25 other pieces of cardboard.

Today's sketches were done by artist Jeff Oleson. I bought them from his eBay listings, where he's generally got a few things up for sale. He has a website, but it looks like it isn't updated frequently. He doesn't appear to have a business or art Facebook page or other social media presence, but there is a Facebook group dedicated to fans of his artwork.

This first sketch is a Star Wars / Marvel mash-up. It looks like the Stormtrooper has characteristically missed his target, and now the Punisher is going to make him pay. I like these parody sketches. There are a few artists out there who do them, with some being more off-color than others. Oleson leans toward the cleaner end of things, at least based on the art I've seen from him. Others, like Joe Gravel and Doug Riggsby, are a little naughtier with their work.

This second sketch features Scarlet Witch from Marvel in a rather improbable version of her costume. I can't quite put my finger on why I like this sketch. The character is not depicted in a particularly sexy way, and really her face kinda creeps me out. The style reminds me of underground comix from the likes of Robert Crumb or the undergound-lite stuff like MAD or Cracked.

I've been watching his listings, but haven't yet picked up any more of Oleson's work. He's got some pretty neat sketches he's been doing lately, with art in the style of the corner boxes from comic book covers. His listings also mention that he's got official sketches in the 2017 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man Trading Cards from Upper Deck. 


  1. Love the look on that Punisher sketch. It has a real comic book feel to it. Nice pickups.

    1. Yeah, the Punisher sketch does have a comic book feel. The printing technology used on the earlier comics gave the art a specific feel that some artists still use in their work.