05 June 2017

Leia Kills Jabba by Peng Peng

Back in March/April I posted a handful of sketch cards I'd picked up featuring Princess Leia from Star Wars during her time spent as a slave in Jabba the Hutt's palace. There's an eBay seller out there who must have had a huge collection based around that theme, because they listed a ton of Leia sketches from all kinds of artists. The slave costume isn't usually the one I seek when buying sketches or commissioning artwork, but at the prices these were offered at, I couldn't stay away from all of them.

This sketch card comes from a March of Dimes charity set that I believe is an annual thing. The website hasn't been updated in a long time, but the guy who runs it still posts sketch auctions sometimes with the proceeds going to charity.

The artist is PengPeng, who also goes by the name of Penelope Gaylord. She has a website with an attached shop and a Facebook page. It looks like she only has prints in her shop right now, but as recently as Mother's Day she had sketches up on there. Her website also has a tab with pricing for commissions. I don't know much else about her. I just liked the sketch enough to buy it.

The thing I really liked about this one was the dead Jabba in the background, complete with 'X' eyes. I think it's pretty funny. 'X' eyes always remind me of this scene from 'A Christmas Story:'

It was nice to add another sketch to my Leia collection. One of these days I need to make individual blog pages for my sketch collections, as they would probably look pretty good together. Today is not that day, though. I had a doctor appointment in the morning and we went to the shelter to meet dogs in the afternoon. We checked out three different dogs. They were all nice, but not exactly good matches for our family.


  1. Damn Leia's got a booty on that card! And those lips! Lol. Awesome. I didn't realize the March of Dimes sketch cards were an annual thing. I bought some of the Archie packs years ago. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for future fundraisers.

    1. I'm not sure what the story is on the March of Dimes sketches. The ones I purchased most recently were on plain cardstock instead of the special stock that this is done on. Maybe it cuts down on cost to have the artists use what they have on hand for the sketches rather than shipping special stock to them and having them ship the sketches back.

    2. Yeah... not sure what the deal is either. Went to their website and didn't find anything having to deal with their sketch cards. However if I hear anything, I'll keep you posted.

    3. I think I have the auctions followed, so they pop up in my eBay feed whenever they get listed. I guess the guy who runs the charity auctions is also the guy who runs 5finity, although I don't know for sure if 5finity is still around.