27 June 2017

A Makoto Autograph Single Bought through Buyee

I try not to buy single cards from Japan through the Buyee purchasing service because the cost of shipping just one item is prohibitive, but sometimes you just have to have one particular card. That has been the case for my last two purchases through the service. Today's wrestling card is one of those. The other was a baseball card that I'll show off here eventually.

This is Makoto's autograph card from the 2011 BBM True Heart wrestling card set. I've got a small collection of Makoto cards, so when I saw this one up for sale I had to bid on it. I'd say she is one of the more popular wrestlers, so any of her cards that are more than a year or two old don't seem to pop up for sale much. This one's got a nice bold autograph on it.

The card is numbered # 06 / 96. Most of the base autographs have had print runs of 90-100 cards since 2011, but some are harder to locate than others. I was happy to add this one to my collection, even if Buyee fees and international shipping made it a little more expensive than I'd like to spend on a single card.


  1. Truly beautiful signature. I don't follow Japanese wrestling, so I looked her up on Google. She's easy on the eyes too. Can't wait to see the baseball card you picked up

    1. Makoto wrestles for a promotion that doesn't do a lot of online promotion, so it can be difficult to find video of her matches. She posts pictures of her matches on her Facebook page pretty regularly.