22 December 2017

Cyber Week Breaks: Day 13 - Another Pack-Pulled # 1 / 1

More UFC cards today, but I will be showing off another pack-pulled # 1 / 1 card later in this post, just a few days after I pulled one from a prize box of football cards from Panini. Today's break was 2 packs of 2015 Topps UFC Chronicles and a box of 2016 Topps UFC High Impact.

I got a few different parallels from the Chronicles packs. The Krylov is a Gold, numbered out of # / 88, if I recall correctly. The BJ Penn is a Black & White parallel, numbered out of # / 188. There are also buybacks in this product, stamped with a foil Topps Originals Octagon.

That Green parallel is numbered out of # / 288. I also pulled one of the hits from the box, a Dual Relic of Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum. This one isn't numbered.

The Holly Holm Femme Fighters insert is a double for me, but I was expecting some doubles from that insert set. This is the third copy of that Al Iaquinta autograph I've pulled in this break. I'm getting kind of tired of seeing it.

One card I couldn't pull doubles or triples of was this one, because there's only one of them! This is the Gold parallel of Dominick Cruz's base card. I'm not much of a Cruz fan, but it's pretty cool to pull a # 1 / 1 from a pack.

That does it for today. I'm glad I pulled that Cruz card, because otherwise this was a pretty boring break. Maybe I'm just getting jaded. I'll be back tomorrow (probably) with some cool shiny cards.


  1. Any time pulling a 1/1 is a good day!

  2. Congratulations on pulling the 1/1 Cruz! Very cool pull. The Velasquez/Werdum dual is nice too.

    1. These breaks were pretty good, except for that pesky Iaquinta autograph!