25 December 2017

Cyber Week Breaks: Day 16 - Christmas Packs

There's not really much about today's packs that makes them fit the holiday, but today is Christmas and that makes these Christmas packs. I didn't get any cards for Christmas, but I was kind of expecting that because this Cyber Week order was pretty huge.

Two of my boys went to sleep pretty early on Christmas Eve, but the other one couldn't sleep because he was too excited about Santa's imminent arrival. Then he couldn't sleep because he was stressed out that if he didn't sleep, maybe Santa would skip our house. He finally nodded off, though, and Santa dropped off plenty of gifts. I was especially proud of my sons for their gift-giving this year. We took them to the LEGO Bricks & Minifigs store this week, and they all thoughtfully picked out gifts for each other. Then this morning they were all gracious in receiving those gifts, even though they weren't the big-ticket items under the tree. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the lessons we're teaching them are getting through, but days like today give me hope for them.

Today's breaks are 2 packs of 2015 Topps UFC Chronicles and 8 packs of 2017 Topps UFC Chrome. I decided to add another pack of 2017 Topps UFC Knockout to the break as well, because it's Christmas and a Christmas break deserves some hits. 

The Chronicles packs featured a handful of parallels and another buyback. None of them are extremely exciting to me. The Gold is # / 88, the Black & White is # / 188, and the Green is # / 288. I have toyed with the idea of building a complete set of the Black & White cards before, but the checklist is huge and it would take a lot of effort to do it.

Here is the non-horizontal parallel I pulled from the packs. It's a Green # / 288. Again, Jared Rosholt isn't really a guy I collect, so this card doesn't do a whole lot for me.

The Topps Chrome packs yielded a couple of box hits. Both the Blue Wave Refractors and X-Fractors are seeded one per box, but only the Blue Wave Refractors are numbered. The Jessica Aguilar card is # 49 / 75.

The Knockout pack was pretty good. The first hit was this Demian Maia Tier One relic card. This is the base version of his card, numbered # 07 / 99. He's a pretty popular fighter who has been around for a long time and won a lot of bouts.

The second hit in the pack would have been even bigger a couple of years ago, before he got over-matched by Mickey Gall, but this Red autograph parallel card of CM Punk is still a pretty good pull. These Red cards are pretty rare, and this one is numbered # 06 / 10.


  1. I enjoyed CM Punk in WWE. Great auto!

    1. It's a pretty good one! I wonder if he'll ever appear back inside the Octagon?

  2. Cool autograph. I remember that fight between Punk and Gall. Gall destroyed him.

    1. He definitely wasn't ready for that fight. It would be nice to see him come back and work his way up against some lower-level fighters while he improves his skills. It'd probably be good for the UFC, too.