26 December 2017

Cyber Week Breaks: Day 17 - Playing in the Snow

Today we went out to my dad's place to make use of the snow that fell over Christmas. He strapped some seats onto an old car hood, tied the hood to the four-wheeler, and pulled the kids around in the snow. They all had a great time, and didn't want to stop. Some of their cousins were there, and I got to see my sister who is home for the holidays from some Navy training. After sledding, drinking hot cocoa, and feeding the cows, we went out for pizza. It was a pretty good day all around.

Here are my boys, shortly after their first round of sledding and just as I was about to drop my phone in the snow.

Today's packs are the first 8 packs in the last box of 2017 Topps UFC Chrome, another pack of 2016 Topps UFC High Impact, and another pack of 2017 Topps UFC Knockout. Tomorrow kicks off two days in a row with Star Wars cards among the breaks, UFC won't be the only thing on tap for a little bit. In fact, out of the six remaining days of Cyber Week breaks, there is only one more all-UFC day.

We start off the Chrome box with two box hits, a Blue Wave Refractor of Frank Mir and an X-Fractor of Jessica Andrade. The Mir card is numbered # 02 / 75, while the Andrade card does not carry a serial number.

The High Impact box had an autograph of Andre Fili and a Femme Fighters insert of Valerie Letourneau. The Letourneau insert has a pretty deep dimple along the top edge, so I'm glad it was a double and not one of the cards I needed for the set.

The Knockout boxes keep on giving with another strong pack. This one held a Knockout Relic Green parallel of Cody Garbrandt, numbered # 31 / 50. The second hit in the pack was a Knockout Autograph Relic of Paige VanZant. It's just the base version, but even her base card from this insert set is really short-printed, with this one being numbered # 20 / 35. This wasn't a bad pair of pulls, with some relatively low-numbered cards of a couple younger stars in the UFC.

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