07 April 2018

The Real Main Event of UFC 223

There was a lot of crazy news in the UFC this week, mostly centering around Conor McGregor going crazy after a press event, attacking a bus with a group of friends, which resulted in a couple of fighters being injured to the point where they had to pull out of UFC 223. Conor McGregor also got arrested in connection with the incident. Max Holloway also had to pull out of the main event due to complications with his weight cut, eventually leading to Al Iaquinta stepping in to face Khabib Nurmagomedov instead. Maybe that will be a good fight, but the one I'm looking forward to is Rose Namajunas defending her title against the fighter she took the belt from, Joanna Jędrzejczyk. 

Here are a couple of cards I've added recently, a 2016 Topps High Impact autograph of Namajunas, and a Tier One relic card of Jędrzejczyk from 2017 Topps UFC Knockout. I got both of these on eBay during the last few months. The High Impact autograph is unnumbered, while the relic card is numbered # 040 / 125.

Here are the backs of the cards. I guess when it comes to the main event, I can hope for Al Iaquinta to win so I can make huge money off the five Iaquinta autograph cards I pulled during my big Cyber Week breaks last year.


  1. Didn't get to watch this fight... but it looks like it was pretty close. Really happy for Namajunas. As for McGregor... the guy needs to get some serious help. Hate to say it... but if he doesn't go to jail, it's a bad look. My buddy and I were talking about the drama on our drive home from the baseball game and if either one of us had done what McGregor did, we'd be going to jail that night.

    1. The fight was pretty close. I don't think I could have picked a clear winner. I was pulling for Namajunas to win it. I actually went to bed after that fight was over, but it sounds like the Nurmagomedov-Iaquinta fight went about like everyone expected.

      McGregor definitely needs someone in his crew to talk some sense into his head, but it sounds like he's surrounded himself with the wrong sort of crowd. It looks like he might be spending a fair portion of his newly-acquired fortune on legal fees.