19 April 2018

Stan Sakai Book and Sketch

Someone in one of the art groups I follow on Facebook posted about a good way to get an autograph and quick sketch from artist Stan Sakai, creator of the long-running Usagi Yojimbo comic series. Sakai is selling copies of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Usagi Yojimbo crossover hardcover on his website, and each book ordered is signed and has a quick sketch inside. I don't know how long the deal will last, but here is the link if that's something you're interested in.

My book arrived today. Along with the book was this signed print featuring the cover art from Glimpses of Death, the 20th (of 32 so far) collected volumes of the comic.

Here is the cover of the book. The one Sakai is offering on his site is different from the regular cover. I am not sure how exclusive it is, but it is a variant cover. It's a nice hardback book. I was impressed by the quality of it.

Here is the sketch and the signature. Pretty cool stuff, and really cool as a free add-on for buying his book. He is a pretty big name in comics, and a lot of the bigger names will charge a significant amount of money for something like this.

I took a picture of a page from the interior where the Ninja Turtles and Miyamoto Usagi encounter each other. Pretty cool stuff. Just based on flipping through the book and looking at the art, I am looking forward to giving the book a read.


  1. Yeah, that is a pretty cool book with the sketch. I went to the website and it looks like an interesting story line.

    1. I'd like to read the series now. Maybe I'll pick up the first couple of books sometime and give it a try.

  2. Very cool. Debating on whether or not to pick this up. I already have a Sakai signature and sketch in a book I picked up a few years back:


    But your sketch is a lot cooler than the one I have. Decisions. Decisions. I also really like the Tea Ceremony print he has up on his site. But the pair would set me back almost $70. Decisions. Decisions.

    1. That's a pretty cool signature! I wouldn't say mine is any cooler than yours, to be honest. I wanted to read the book I got last night, but my 9-year old son took it from me and started in on it.