17 April 2018

Bat-Mite by Dave "Pops" Tata

I haven't shown a sketch card for a while, so here's a fun one I picked up last year.

The character is Bat-Mite, a seldom-seen character in the Batman universe. He has reality-altering powers similar to Mister Mxyzptlk, a Superman character who Bat-Mite is a manifestation of. I don't follow Batman too closely, so my description may be lacking some. The card comes from the Cryptozoic DC Comics Batman: The Legend set. The artist is Dave "Pops" Tata. I can't find a lot about Tata online, but he's got a page here for commissions. There's nothing on there newer than 2015, though, so I don't know anything about his current status. Most of his art pages seem to be a little outdated, but he does have a little bit of newer stuff on his Instagram page.

I was happy to land this sketch. It's well-done, and I didn't have any of Tata's art in my collection yet.


  1. Beautiful sketch! I really like it when artists create backgrounds for their sketches.

    1. It really does add a lot when the artist includes a background in a sketch.