08 April 2018

Danica Patrick Red Flag Prizm Tire Relic

Just a quick one-card post tonight, as I had to work the weekend and I want to go to bed soon. At least I have Monday off, so I will probably sleep in a little and hopefully receive a package I've been expecting from Venezuela.

This is a card I picked up a long time ago. It's a race-used tire relic from 2016 Panini Prizm Racing. This is the Red Flag Prizm parallel, and my copy is # 24 / 25. I don't think the front looks quite as busy in-hand, but all of the shininess really stands out in the scan. The base versions of these cards suffer from Prizm-itis, which is a term I just made up for the dingy-looking expanses of dull silver that some Prizm sets seem to have.


  1. Sweet card! I actually like how your scanner picks up the shininess. My scanner sucks. I usually have to do 5 or 6 scans, before I can capture a refractor's shine... and even then... you can barely tell it's a refractor.

    1. P.S. Hope you enjoyed your day off!

    2. It is interesting to me how differently scanners will pick up a card's surface. You'd think they would all look about the same. It must have to do with the angle of the light hitting the card on the scanner bed.

      My day off was all right. I took the kids to school, and spent most of the day in the living room, hanging out with my wife and trying to keep our new puppy from having accidents on the floor.

    3. Miss the days of playing with a puppy. Don't miss the accidents though.

    4. She is having plenty of accidents, but there are some successes, too. She's cute enough that we put up with it.