15 November 2013

Seeking Redemption 2: R.A. Dickey 2013 Tier One Crowd Pleaser Autograph

I picked up this redemption card on eBay for under $5.00 shipped. In my experience Dickey's autographed cards usually go for a bit more than that, especially the on-card ones as opposed to the sticker autographs. I believe all of the Crowd Pleaser autographs are on-card, but I could be wrong. This is just the base version, which is supposed to be numbered out of #/299 or less. I read on the Topps Redemption Update blog that Dickey had come in and signed some Tier One stuff, so hopefully it won't be too many months before my card gets to me. It will be a lot more attractive when my Seeking Redemption post series can actually feature pictures of redeemed cards and not just ugly code cards. So far I have four redemptions in the queue at Topps; this Tier One Crowd Pleaser Autograph, a Tier One Single Relic of Dickey, a Tier One Dual-Swatch Relic of Dickey, and a mystery redemption that I will feature eventually.

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